Arlo is THREE!

Three. Definitely no longer a toddler, let alone a baby. It’s crazy to think this little dynamo has been in our lives for three years. He’s exasperating and adorable in equal measures (well, most of the time) and he is the biggest challenge I have ever faced. The kid has balls, the kid has no sense of boundaries or danger and can push all of my buttons at once, and then turn into the sweetest little kid you have ever seen in a split second. It is tiring and exhausting but it is Arlo. But when he gets belly-laughs when he’s playing with his sister or getting tickled, or starts making up stories with his toys and acting them out it’s all worth it. He’s a chatterbox, an inquisitive little…

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Be My Bear – Bear Making Kit & Giveaway!

Last week we had a delivery from Be My Bear, and online store who stock a large variety of different bears that can be made at home. The kids had looked on the website to find a bear that they wanted to have as their very own and a few days later a kit arrived containing the bear carcass (for want of a better word!) some stuffing an outfit and a few other bits and bobs to make the bears truly their own. Arlo spotted the Lion and decided that was the one he wanted after a bit of deliberation and he chose a Father Christmas outfit to dress him in. Athena is a little bit obsessed with unicorns as I think most 4 year old girls are so of course she…

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DIY Craft Trolley using Ikea Raskog

My kids have tonnes of craft supplies. If they’re lucky I even let them use them! I’m kidding, but tidying up after craft sessions is one of my most hated tasks! Thankfully for the last three months or so the task has been a lot easier; the sessions themselves a lot less messy generally because everything is neatly organised and easy to get out and put away! I had been toying with the idea of getting one of the Ikea Raskog kitchen trolleys  to do a DIY craft trolley for a few years, ever since they did them in turquoise! Sadly I put it off for too long and ended up buying a cream one earlier this year to use to organise all the art and craft bits. I love…

How to put together a Kids Arts and Crafts trolley using the Ikea Raskog Trolley and a few other bits!

Hippo on the Moon at Brighton Theatre Royal

On Tuesday the kids and I headed to the Theatre Royal in New Road, Brighton. We’d been invited to see the stage adaptation of The First Hippo on the Moon, the book by David Walliams. If you’ve read the book you’ll know it doesn’t take long to read, so I was wondering how it would translate to a stage show. We had seats in the circle so had a great view of the stage. I’m always in awe of how clever stage sets are though spend a lot of time watching how things work instead of concentrating on the show itself, but thankfully my two are still so little that they just see the performance and not all the mechanics of it!

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Mini Micro Scooters: Mini2Go & 3-in-1 Deluxe Comparison & Video

Scooters are definitely the in thing, in fact I’m not sure they will be ever be ‘out’! When I walk Athena to preschool she scoots, as do at least half her class, they leave their scooters lined up ready and waiting for them to finish and scoot home again. We also have a lot of parents walk past us after dropping their kids off at the primary school near by, most of whom are carrying empty scooters, and some even riding adult sized scooters themselves! So we’ve put together a Mini Micro Scooters review. Ever since Athena learnt to scoot her scooter as been a permanent fixture on days out and trips to the shops. It keeps her happy and she gets less tired than walking everywhere too, but means…

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Bonfire Night safety with Fireman Sam

  I love a good firework display, and every year since Athena was born we’ve taken her out to see fireworks so she’s always been used to them. In Sussex there are a lot of bonfire societies who put on parades, displays and HUGE bonfires in towns throughout the area. Last year we did Shoreham Bonfire night, and the year before went to Burgess Hill to watch the parade and the fireworks. It’s quite spectacular with people dressed up marching along with lit up torches (the old fashioned flame kind, rather than the battery operated variety) and often they will be drumming and chanting too! It’s a great atmosphere but can that many open flames can obviously be dangerous as well, not to mention all the fireworks! 

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Little Buttons Activity book

There’s no denying that the days are drawing in and soon we’ll be turning clocks back to eke out some extra daylight, it’s the time of year where I like to line up some fun indoor activities for the kids so I can spend less time freezing in the park watching them hurtle about apparently not feeling the cold! We’ve moved house since last winter, so have more space for me to set out activities, plus of course Arlo is old enough to participate in far more than he could last winter! However I often find myself stuck for ideas and end up dragging out the playdoh day after day. Much as I love pinterest I often find the craft ideas for kids are from american bloggers and use things…

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