Stuff on a Sunday 57

This weeks ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ is sponsored by exhaustion, chocolate and rain. So poor Arlo has the chicken pox now, I thought he had miraculously escaped catching it from his sister but two days before the end of the maximum incubation period a little spot arrived on the side of his head, followed by a couple more. Of course it happened at the worst possible time as when we were just about to go away for a long weekend to see family and friends and go for a party for Sams cousins birthday.

Stuff on a Sunday 56 – Chicken Pox and a rant

So, what have we done for the last week? Not a great deal really as poor Athena woke up on Monday (her 3rd Birthday!) with Chicken Pox! It meant we spent most of the week at home or at the beach where we weren’t risking spreading it about any more than we already had at her birthday party the day before we knew she had it! She dealt with it very well, although she keeps telling me she ‘neeeeeeeds’ calpol! She loved spreading the foam all over herself and it really did help as she didn’t scratch very much at all, Poxcillin I think it’s called? Anyway a week later and she has had no new spots since friday so I think we are safely un-quarantined! That is until Arlo…

Stuff on a Sunday 56

It’s been a funny couple of weeks, they seem to have flown by although we’ve not done anything too exciting up till last weekend! A lovely sunny weekend two weeks ago saw us have a lovely family day out, Athena played at the splash pad, both kids in the park and then we had lunch together in the sun. We’ve all got a few more freckles and spent a wonderful day together. Sadly the next weekend was a bit different as we both ended up working on our days off so didn’t have a full day together as a family but beggars can’t be choosers eh! We got Athena an early birthday present of a bike, and in the excitement I managed to lock us out of the house… baby…

Stuff on a Sunday 55

I’ve been a bit crap at keeping up with my Sunday life updates but in all honesty there’s not been a great deal of excitement or even anything of note! I’m drowning under a never ending cycle of washing clothes, small people and sorting and trying to tidy the house. We moved somewhere bigger so that we’d feel less claustrophobic and cluttered but actually the stuff is just spread over a wider area now and still pisses me off! Operation de clutter starts now!

Stuff on a Sunday 54

Well this one might be long, apologies in advance for waffling but grab a cuppa, or an Easter egg… Oh! Happy Easter if you celebrate it and happy long weekend if you don’t! What’s new with me? It feels like an absolute age since I turned my laptop on, in fact it has been almost a week as I kept meaning to get it out but the fact that we moved house and have a to-do list as long as both my arms plus one of Sam’s has kept me away from my computer and blogging for a little while! We have however had out first play on the beach, moved house and decorated most of the new one before we moved into it!

Stuff on a Sunday 53

Happy Mothers day, if you’re a mama! I am up in Norfolk having a little break. We’re staying with Sam’s mum seeing as he is gallivanting round Scotland doing ‘wild camping’ and snowboarding. Hopefully he’ll return in one piece! 

Stuff on a Sunday 52

I am finally writing this post from my laptop! After almost three months of messing me about, damaging my laptop, losing my data and giving me someone elses I have finally got a brand new laptop from Curry’s! Sadly it’s not as fast as my old one but was the best spec I could get for the same price as mine cost. Angry letter being written about the whole debacle now I have a laptop to angry tap at!