Me & Mine – February 2017

February has been pretty good for us as a family. We spent the last week together up in Norfolk staying with Sam’s mum and it was so nice to be away from the normal daily grind of work/cleaning/cooking/preschool and so on and spend time as a family. We had fun exploring an old abandoned church tower, and searching the graveyard for the oldest gravestones, plus debating whether we could actually get inside the fence, the little hole didn’t put us off but the spiky brambles did! The top photo was taken in Norwich Cathedral Cloisters, and the photo below in Granny B’s garden!

Me & Mine – January 2017

January started off dragging its heels a little, then quickly picked up pace and hurtled towards February at quite a lick. I think it is because we didn’t really get back into a routine till the second week once the kids were back into preschool and the child minders. After that we quickly settled back into things, hibernating when possible with the heating turned up! I celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 24th and spent a couple of days up in London, treating myself to a hotel room and a luxurious bed all to myself with no horrifically early morning child related wake up calls! It was just what I needed! I’ve also been reading a lot more and am ahead of target for my reading challenge this year, I…

Me & Mine – December 2016

  These photos were taken on Christmas Eve, after the excitement of watching the Cbeebies panto (since watched about a trillion times!) and just before we put the milk and carrots out (parent-points to Sam because I wasn’t going to bother!) and the preceded a really lovely Christmas! It was probably similar to many other peoples Christmas so I shan’t bore you but we had a lot of food (We’re still having a lot of food – not much of it good for us either!) and it was nice to spend some quality time together before the potential craziness of January as Sam starts a new job so will be taking longer to get to and from work so won’t be around so much at home. 

Me & Mine – November 2016

Our photos this month aren’t anything special to look at, but they are special to us as this photo was taken on our fourth wedding anniversary. Sam had cooked a huge lasagne and we had a nice family dinner, which may seem boring to some but we probably only manage to eat dinner together as a family once or twice a week at best due to shifts etc! November has shot by, it’s normally a month I find that goes really slowly but not this year. We’ve been busy sorting things out in our home, putting deposits down for new carpet and two new windows and they should be sorted before Christmas hopefully. We did a few DIY bits around the house and also did a few major clear outs…

Me & Mine – October 2016

October is one of my favourite moths, still not cold enough for proper coats but the air often has that wintry smell. not to mention it’s acceptable to start downing hot chocolates like they’re going out of fashion! Here’s what October was like for us:

Me & Mine – September 2016

This month has been really good for our family, we had a whole week away all together, sleeping in the same hotel room and spending all our time together. It was a really nice holiday (you can have a look at our vlog here) and both Sam and I saw a noticeable difference in the kids without the distraction of all the toys and the TV and the humdrum routine at home. They had our full attention most of the time, unlike at home when we’re at work, doing washing, hoovering, dragging them around the shops and other boring things, We spent a lot of time pretending to be various things that Athena dictated! We spent a heck of a lot of time outdoors, trampling around forests and exploring ruined…

Me & Mine – August 2016

Apparently I forgot all about an August Me & Mine post! I was writing up my yearly review in December and realised there wasn’t one! So this is a picture of me looking grumpy, though I don’t think I was at the time! We were on holiday with friends in the New Forest, but this was at the end of a fairly long walk! At least I had a photo to use!