Hush Little Baby

A little while ago I wrote about the three step routine from Johnson’s to encourage a peaceful nights sleep. Well two weeks later how has Arlo’s sleep changed since we started doing the bath, massage and story routine?

Cloth Nappies: TotsBots Easyfit Star

Arlo had the honour of testing out the newest nappy from TotsBots over the last few weeks, the EasyFit Star. We use the normal Easyfits during the day so the style of nappy was a familiar one, a convenient and easy to use one part nappy that is as close to a disposable as you can get!

Baby Loves: Fisher Price Zebra Walker

Although Arlo has been cruising along the furniture for a few months now he’s not walking on his own yet (which I am kind of pleased about as at least I know he can only go as far as the end of the sofa at the moment!) We’ve been using the Fisher Price Zebra Walker to help him take his first supported steps though, and to help to keep him occupied and learning whilst I manically pack up the house!

12 Reasons I love my BabyMule Changing Bag

Here are 12 reasons that I love my BabyMule changing bag…

The Buggy Chronicles: Little Tikes Stroll n Go

Little Tikes have made the leap from toys to travel, and we were lucky enough to be sent their Stroll n Go stroller to put to the test. I’ll admit that i’m not a huge fan of strollers, much preferring the sturdiness and adaptability of a bigger pushchair so I was keen to put it through its paces.

How far can your baby see?

As Arlo turns one soon I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about when he was a tiny newborn, completely reliant on me for everything. He couldn’t hold things, feed himself or even see very far!

Snuz bedding range #SnuzStyle!

I absolutely loved having a Snuzpod next to the bed, it was stylish and neat and when Arlo grew out of it I wasn’t sure what to do as he wasn’t ready to go into his own cot in his sisters room! We made the decision to put her into a mid-sleeper and use her cot bed with one side removed up against our bed. It looks messy and U cant fit the hoover round it but it means Arlo is still close. Excitingly though Snuz have just launched their ‘Designz‘ range of stylish bedding which means although the cot isn’t as sleek as a Snuzpod Arlo’s bedding can be!