Baby Loves: Oxo Tot!

My children are definitely grazers rather than three square meals a day types so I tend to always have a selection of little snacks in my bag to keep them happy when we’re out and about. OxoTot recently sent me some bits to help keep Arlo happy with a snack to hand, and something for Athena too!

What Not to Give a New Mum

Before I had babies I was under the impression that babies need a lot of stuff. Now I have had two babies I’ve realised that they actually need a lot less stuff than one might think! In fact for the first few months of Arlo’s life I just needed arms, boobs and a baby carrier as he spent so little time sat in/sleeping on anything other than me that we could easily have done without cribs, rockers and playmats if I’m honest!

Mama loves: ToTs Changing bag

I do love a bag with lots of pockets, so when I was sent the gorgeous TotsBaby changing bag in the Infinity style I wasn’t disappointed! Not only does it have lots of pockets but it has backpack straps too, add to the fact that it is purple and it ticks all the boxes!

Baby loves: Matchstick Monkey

Arlo is due to get his next lot of teeth any time soon. He’s actually really suffering teeth-wise anyway as he has got ridiculously weak teeth and in the last couple of months not only has his enamel come away from 7 out of his eight teeth but he’s also chipped the top two at the front.

Baby loves: Make my Day Penguin Bib

As I said in Arlo’s 12 month recap he’s finally started eating a bit over the last few weeks although he’s still not quite at three meals a day just yet! I’m also finding that he’s so much happier to be in the highchair recently too, probably because we’ve been having a lot more family dinners round the table since we gained more space in the house move!

Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator or ‘snot sucker’

Whenever people ask me what’s on my essential baby buys list I always mention our ‘snot sucker’ or nasal aspirator if you want to use the correct term. They’re love hate amongst parents but I think they’re really helpful and we had two manual ones already (the bulb type) that I thought worked quite well. That was until the Nosiboo arrived at our house and snot removal got REAL! This thing is like the KING of nasal aspirators and I love it. 

Ways to save on baby essentials

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is one of the most magical things. But often the good news is tinged with a touch of panic when you inevitably start thinking about how you’re going to afford all the things a baby needs! You might sign up to a few newsletters or read a few ‘preparing for baby’ books that are full of lists of must have items which will make it seem like you need to buy so much stuff you’ll need another spare room to keep it in on top of the nursery! But no need to panic, you can actually get away with purchasing a lot less than you might think you need from reading all these lists!