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Arlo, unlike his sister has never been a particularly great sleeper and for the last month or so actually getting him to sleep has been a task in itself, never mind the frequent wakings! I have always been fairly child led in my approach to sleep, but my sanity is starting to suffer a little with the lack of sleep and time to myself (or with my husband!) 

From lots of articles I’ve read and other parents I’ve spoken to I think around 11 months is an ideal age to start introducing more of a bedtime routine, it’s something I’ve put off doing because I am so often on my own in the evening with both children so can’t always get it all done and keep them both happy, but Athena’s bedtime seems to have crept closer to half past six, so I plan to get her into bed and then start Arlo’s routine at 7pm.

Johnson’s are hoping to come to the rescue with a three step routine to hopefully encourage a smooth transition into a sleepy state followed by a good nights sleep! The three steps are as follows:

Bath – A warm bubble bath with Johnson’s bedtime bath & wash. Toys and games are expected and songs and lots of talking with your baby is encouraged too!

Massage – A quiet, gentle massage with Johnson’s oil or lotion. This not only helps to relax but is also a great way for a bit of quiet time (hence why I need to have Athena in bed before this bit!) I’m already a fan of baby massage and used to do it daily with both Arlo & Athena when they were a lot smaller but have let it slide recently! I plan to do this with the lights low and this CD playing in the background.

Quiet Time – This is something that will be hard as I often sit and feed with Arlo in front of the TV when Sam is at work, but instead we will go to the bedroom and lay in bed together for the final feed of the day with the side light on low.

Arlo sleeps in a cot attached to our bed (or in our bed) and co-sleeping works well for us at the moment but I’m looking forward to seeing if going off to sleep in a less stimulating environment will help with his night wakings. I’m fairly sure we’re not expecting any more teeth for a little while so hopefully that wont disturb things! I’m also going to use these two weeks to try to get Arlo attached to a comforter in the hopes that when I return to work (next month!) it will help Sam settle him in the absence of my busoms!

I will have an update on how using the Johnson’s three step method has improved or changed Arlo’s sleep pattern in two weeks time, wish us luck!

Sponsored blog post by the JOHNSON’S® brand.  I have received payment incentive and samples but all opinions are my own. JOHNSON’S® clinically proven bedtime routine consists of bath, massage &  quiet time, tested on babies 7 months+, 1 week+ use.

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  1. Sandra
    19th February 2016 / 1:56 pm

    My son used to have trouble in sleeping like yours but somehow we had overcome that tasks 🙂 there are some herbs which are great for sleeping, you should look that up, and wish you luck!

  2. Improvebabysleep
    19th February 2016 / 10:55 pm

    Thanks for your share. i will try.

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