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  • Athena & Arlo – November 2018

    Athena & Arlo – November 2018
  • Travel: Family holidays are an investment, not a luxury

    Travel: Family holidays are an investment, not a luxury
  • Personalised Calendars & Cards with Funky Pigeon & win £25 credit!

    Personalised Calendars & Cards with Funky Pigeon & win £25 credit!
  • Everyday Us: It’s five O’clock in the morning…

    Everyday Us: It’s five O’clock in the morning…

In which I go to a wedding & do some sailing…

This past weekend I time up in Norfolk. We drove up after work on friday, via Ipswich to have dinner at a friends house. The journey was arduous and tiring to say the least, its highly irritating when people bump into each other causing one lane of the a12 to be shut at peak time on a friday. Anyway, once we’d finally made it to Sams parents house and got into bed… Sam proclaims he’s not packed the trousers for his suit (nor his belt, aftershave or razor, but these are not so important!) So bright, early and irritable, we head off into Norwich to see if Debenhams still sells the suit, and luckily it did, so we got the trousers, a hair cut (him) a nail fixed (me) and…

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In which I start to think about wedding dresses…

Since getting engaged back in July, the only thing I am decided on is that I want a knee length dress, with petticoats (possibly coloured) underneath, fifties style. Shoe-wise, I’d love Vivienne Westwood Melissas, with the hearts on the front! (I may well change my mind between now and the big day, perhaps even between now and setting the date, which is at a a vague 2013 at the moment!) Candy Anthony make stunning dresses, just way out of my price range… Something like this, but a little more personalised… a sash or brooch maybe? Obviously I wont look as stylish as Audrey… but I love boat necklines!

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In which I answer questions

1.What’s your favorite fashion accessory? Scarves!! preferably square fabric scarves, as opposed to woolly ones, when it gets cold I normally wear a snood AND a fabric scarf. Sometimes the scarves are in the hair, or tied to my handbag… but there is normally one about! (this is Amsterdam, and two scarves wasn’t enough!) 2. Who’s your favorite fashion role model? I honestly don’t have one, there isn’t a celebrity that I NEEEEEEEDD to look like, or follow specifically (I will admit I wouldn’t mind looking like an Olsen, either one, not fussed) and there also isn’t a non celebrity that I aspire to be like. I like to be me really. 3. What do you always carry with you? A bag… currently its a duck-egg blue faux leather jobby…

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In which I go to Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is one of the nicest places in London, a gorgeous view, no horrid chavvy types hanging around causing a scene…. I also had a little stroll (read: manic march through tourists and dozy looking people alike) down Oxford street, and managed to buy 2 dresses I didn’t need from Forever21. (Which is reasonably priced, but quality wise I shall keep you posted!) I’ll wear one of the dresses to a wedding that I’m going to in Norwich this weekend (hoping to borrow some inspiration for my own wedding!) so will post a picture next week. Selfridges had a short term exhibition The Museum of Everything which is well worth a visit! for a donation of £2 you get to look at some bizarre art works… but its a…

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In which I went to watch some dancing

On Monday, due to a series of odd events (someone at work was having a heart attack, needed to check out early, was overwhelmed when we gave him a refund when we didn’t have to (how cruel would it be to NOT give him a refund…) so he offered his two theatre tickets to the person who was dealing with him, said person didn’t have anyone to go with, so gave tickets to the boy and I) we ended up going to the Theatre Royal, to see Time Gentlemen, please. (clicky for their promo vid) We had no idea what it would be like, I hadnt heard of it before I checked the Theatres website, but it was absolutely amazing! They didn’t have a full house, which was a shame,…

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In which I baked too many cakes

I also gave my self RSI in my arm from all the mixing/beating! (literally, had to take codeine in order to lift my arm without ouching) The occasion was my engagement party, which we had at the Hobgoblin in Brighton. The people that worked there were so easy going with all my demands, and the little belgian bar maid managed to beat 4 rugby players at a pint downing competition! I made a whole plethora of cakes, the picture above is of half of them, before the other few platters arrived! There were muffins, cup cakes, a proper amazing chocolate sponge cake, cookies, brownies, cream cheese icing and lots of edible glitter! Unfortunately I was too busy stressing and worrying to take any good pictures, but the boy and his…

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In which I go to Brighton Food festival

On Saturday I had some amazing berry pancakes at Inspiraton, an amazing cafe in the North Laine, along with some creme caramel tea… Then I met with a friend and we had a stroll around theBrighton and Hove food festival food market. There were chilli plants, amazing Jams and preserves….scrumptious cakes and homemade pink ciders. There were so many people that it was difficult to get to the stalls to sample the yumminess! We ended up munching on sticky glazed ribs, cloudy lemonade, and then kirsch chocolate pie…. The festival runs until the end of September, with all sorts of events, check out the rest of the events here

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