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  • Athena & Arlo – November 2018

    Athena & Arlo – November 2018
  • Travel: Family holidays are an investment, not a luxury

    Travel: Family holidays are an investment, not a luxury
  • Personalised Calendars & Cards with Funky Pigeon & win £25 credit!

    Personalised Calendars & Cards with Funky Pigeon & win £25 credit!
  • Everyday Us: It’s five O’clock in the morning…

    Everyday Us: It’s five O’clock in the morning…

In which I video the Best Friend Tag!

  Back when I was in Germany in January staying with Miss Emily, we filmed the best friend tag for your viewing pleasure. Now I am no editing whizz, I mean obviously if I wanted to be I could be (HAR HAR!) so forgive the crappily edited together bits, and the fact that it is in two halves because youtube is evil, turn up your volume (sorry!) & enjoy!   Please please let me know if you managed to watch it all… we do waffle on somewhat! Have you done this tag? if not, why not?!

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In which I get foody #3

Pie & curly fries! // fajitas // curry // gross concoction of two jacket pots 2 chicken breasts and mayo (sams not mine) sausage and chips // CHICKEN ROAST // Roast goodness! Chicken Pakora // Pie in a giant yorkie // camembert breaded and not! // poached eggs on beans on toast apple flavoured chinese something or other //  soybean tea // german ricola (any idea of the flavour? I reckon elderflower) Bacon brie and cranberry bagel // chocolate thingy // chocoloate readybrek with choccie philly // giant cookies at the chocolate market   Old school donut van // Japanese @ pompoko // chocolates // mothers day meal     Sorry for this rather boring post. But I’ve not cooked anything from scratch or done any baking recently! I do…

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In which I paint my nails #5

Essence blue something or other, Models Own emerald black with random gold tips (sorry about the awful faux old tips) Maybelline ‘265’ on the left, with black nail art scribbles and a matt top coat,  and Nails Inc villiers street on the right (the perfect shimmery red) The same red, but with Nails Inc Crown court, and a silver nail art pen with carefully applied aztec style decorations! (Sam did my right hand for me, well done that boy!) Excuse the hideously outgrown acrylics, Essence ‘its a snow womans world’ (wtf?) with a purpley sparkly number that I can neither find nor remember the name of! (scuse pre touch up photos) On the left are my #LDNLUNCH nails, which is Barry M indigo, Beauty UK soft lilac, and Rimmel Pompous,…

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In which I am spotty!

spotty blazer H&M // Skirt Zara // Body Primark Now I’m not sure if I would actually wear this out of the house, I was having a bit of a drawer tidy and the top and skirt were next to each other in a pile, and I had just re discovered the jacket (LOVE it when that happens!) and flung it all on. Sam said I looked hot, I am think I look like an early eighties business woman! what do you think? Shoes – Newlook. I need to get rid of these, they’re too big. A size 5, and now my feet have shrunk I can take them off without undoing the buckle. If anyone is interested let me know, tbh I would just want payment for postage coz…

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In which I enjoy a hot drink

*Twinings are sponsoring me to write this, but as you will see I am a legit Twinings drinker anyway! Now I KNOW that I’m not the only tea lover out there, but you might find it odd that I cannot abide coffee. CANT STAND THE STUFF. But for me this is a good thing, no worrying about what to order at starbucks, no skinny frappa mappa one shot extra strong for me! It’s tea all the way for me! But much as I probably drink about 6 cups of English Breakfast during the day at work (ready supply for me as the hotel I work in puts it in bedrooms!) I have started to branch out to the flavoured fruit teas after my first cup of normal tea! They’re more…

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In which I ‘love Padlocks’

This phenomenon really intrigues me. Declaring your love for someone by locking a padlock onto a bridge is such a bizarre concept, but it has really taken off! Frankfurt was the first place I’d been where I saw it in person, we walked up the steps to the Eiserner Steg bridge, and on a fairly grey day, I suddenly noticed all these tiny multi-coloured things glinting back at me! We then spent about 45 minutes examining them all, aiming to find the oldest  ones (harder to find as they are underneath the newer ones!) It was 1 degree, so these little locks were FREEZING to touch, but we warmed up with a hot chocolate afterwards!      This article has some amazing pictures and a little bit of the history, and…

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In which I am not well

top: H&M skirt: Zara Vest top: Primark I genuinely have done nothing and worn nothing of interest, hence this outfit being worn about 2 weeks ago and lingering on my memory card. It isn’t even an exciting outfit. I just like bows, and polka dots. So I think I tempted fate when I said in this post that nothing thrilling would happen on Tuesday. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning saw me sat in A&E for four and a half hours getting various tests done because I somehow managed to lose consciousness, crumple to the floor, clonk my head on a metal edge, then the floor, had some kind of seizure in which I jibbered away like a fool, waved my arms around, and I bit my lip. This happened at work late…

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