In which I baked too many cakes

I also gave my self RSI in my arm from all the mixing/beating! (literally, had to take codeine in order to lift my arm without ouching) The occasion was my engagement party, which we had at the Hobgoblin in Brighton. The people that worked there were so easy going with all my demands, and the little belgian bar maid managed to beat 4 rugby players at a pint downing competition! I made a whole plethora of cakes, the picture above is of half of them, before the other few platters arrived! There were muffins, cup cakes, a proper amazing chocolate sponge cake, cookies, brownies, cream cheese icing and lots of edible glitter! Unfortunately I was too busy stressing and worrying to take any good pictures, but the boy and his…

In which I go to Brighton Food festival

On Saturday I had some amazing berry pancakes at Inspiraton, an amazing cafe in the North Laine, along with some creme caramel tea… Then I met with a friend and we had a stroll around theBrighton and Hove food festival food market. There were chilli plants, amazing Jams and preserves….scrumptious cakes and homemade pink ciders. There were so many people that it was difficult to get to the stalls to sample the yumminess! We ended up munching on sticky glazed ribs, cloudy lemonade, and then kirsch chocolate pie…. The festival runs until the end of September, with all sorts of events, check out the rest of the events here

In which I start out

So I decided to start a blog… after years of having various online homes (very basic websites with nothing much on, diaryland, livejournal etc etc…) I thought that since I read so many blogs, why not give it a try? I’m not going to set myself any targets as to what/when I’ll post, but I need something to do other than slog away at work or the gym. Listening to: Bluegrass on feeling: unaccomplished. I wanted to sort all my drawers and clothes out today, but only managed to throw a carrier bag full out. doing: not very much at all