Festive Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all thinking about presents for our loved ones and friends, so I’ve put together a few gift guides this year to give you some inspiration and this one is all about gifts perfect for the ladies in your life! Be they mum-friends, sisters, daughters, though I should add that the men in your life might be interested in a few of these, you never know! First up is the ‘Your Own Life Organised’ (or YOLO) planner. Everyone starts off being organised at the start of the year, but unless you’e got a planner that makes it easy to carry on being organised it’s quite often by around mid february that people have given up! But with this planner it’s made as easy…

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Teaching your kids about Recycling & ways to get them involved

In the past year or so I’ve become pretty enthusiastic about ‘going green’ where I can. Buying veg that’s not pre-packed (ideally from the weekly market, though we’ve just signed up to Riverford deliveries) reusing as much as we can and getting a larger recycling wheelie bin from the council to ensure we had space to recycle everything properly. We have reusable straws, have purchased glass food containers for cooking, storing and freezing bulk cooked meals and wash clothes at 30 degrees, amongst other things! Now I’m on a bit of a mission to teach the kids about wastefulness, recycling and other ways to help the environment. It started at the beginning of the month when we were at a festival, and they kids asked why there were so many…

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Parents: Tips to improve your sleep

Sleep is a most valuable and precious thing when you are a parent, Especially if your little darlings are of ages from 0-5 years old. In fact, a big part of parenting is getting used to functioning on way less sleep and still being able to do all the thing that you could before, plus all the added kid-related things! However, even us sleep-deprived parents need a few hours a night where we get to actually switch off. Luckily, I’ve got some advice to help you do that, if you can keep your eyes open long enough to read it that is…   TV vs sleep? Do you know what else parents miss? It’s time alone, or time alone together as just the adults. That is what can cause them…

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Ickle Bubba Solar Car Seat Review

Ickle Bubba is a brand I’m not familiar with so far, so when we were asked if we wanted to test out the Ickle Bubba Solar car seat we agreed! It’s a Group 1-2-3 seat, which makes it suitable from 9 months to around 12 years – height dependant – they need to reach 135cms. It can attach with an Isofix fitting or a three point seatbelt and is a forward facing only seat with a recline feature. Arlo is just under 15kg so is a group 1 still but no for much longer, so we decided to let this be ‘his’ seat, and until he reaches 15kg we’ll be using it with the harness rather than the 3-point ‘adult’ belt, though this easily used. The Ickle Bubba Solar car seat…

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DIY Craft Trolley using Ikea Raskog

My kids have tonnes of craft supplies. If they’re lucky I even let them use them! I’m kidding, but tidying up after craft sessions is one of my most hated tasks! Thankfully for the last three months or so the task has been a lot easier; the sessions themselves a lot less messy generally because everything is neatly organised and easy to get out and put away! I had been toying with the idea of getting one of the Ikea Raskog kitchen trolleys  to do a DIY craft trolley for a few years, ever since they did them in turquoise! Sadly I put it off for too long and ended up buying a cream one earlier this year to use to organise all the art and craft bits. I love…

How to put together a Kids Arts and Crafts trolley using the Ikea Raskog Trolley and a few other bits!

An Interview with Athena & Arlo

I sat the kids down and asked them these questions, writing down exactly what they said… What’s the best thing about being 4 (and 2)? Athena: I am going to be this tall and start school. I’m going to *names school* and am going to be in Butterfly class Arlo: I’m Big! What makes you laugh? Athena: Arlo when he rolls around and pretends to be a baby Arlo: you make me laugh (cheers, I think?) Who do you love and why?

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Preparing for Primary School – Useful Products

In about six weeks time my tiny girl will be heading off to Primary School. Well, I say tiny but she’s actually pretty tall but she did only turn four last month! We are both really looking forward to it, for different reasons though! I am looking forward to having a solid structured week, and she is looking forward to playing in the forest school and making new friends! I’m really not worried about her starting school, I am fairly sure her outgoing nature will mean she settles in well and makes new friends quickly, plus she has about five friends from her preschool in her class. What I am a little worried about is that she will be one of the youngest, and hasn’t shown herself to be that…

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