A Very Vintage Christmas

The festive season is in full swing, and you’re probably getting through a long list of jobs to do before the big day arrives. Aside from the countless gifts that the kids have asked Santa for; you’ll be thinking about the food and drinks, visitors and get-togethers, and decking the halls so that your family can have a magical Christmas. This time of year is often about family traditions, and it’s the chance to have some fun with those you love the most. You’ll also be putting far more effort into how things look and are presented than at any other time of year.

Therefore, if you favour a little bit (or a lot) of vintage charm and character regarding style and aesthetic; Christmas gives you the perfect platform to express your taste, and you can be as full-on or as subtle as you want. Adding a vintage touch can be fun, kitsch, and make for some of the best annual photos to pop in the family album or on your social media. So, once the kids are in bed (finally); you can take some time to plan how to bring your favourite era or style into your home, and celebrate Christmas exactly how you’d like to. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for those who favour a vintage aesthetic and want to embrace it for the festive period.

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Your Outfits

Whether you want all the frills of a 20s or Gatsby-style Christmas, or you prefer the cheeky charm of 50s festivities; you can always have some fun with your clothes. There are an array of vintage store and new, independent brands online who will specialise in specific eras and help you to find the perfect office party dress or Christmas Day ensemble. Sites like https://pinupdresses.co.uk/ are a great place to start, and you can begin to style your Christmas around your perfect outfit. Don’t forget your partner and kids either; if they’re comfortable, you can source vintage-style and retro clothing for little ones, and who knows how good your other half might look in a bow tie!


The Decor

Again, you can be as subtle or as bold as you’d like with your decor. If you’ve already decorated the house with the kids; you can focus on the table setting when you serve Christmas dinner. Think about glassware, plates, and cutlery from your chosen era or decade. Head online or to a vintage store again to source some affordable additions for your table and soirees. Prints are another way to bring vintage personality into an interior setting, so switch up your soft furnishings for the season or add a tablecloth and napkin for bonus character. Sites like https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ are a great source of inspiration, so spend a little time having a look for things you can utilise and source in time. There’s nothing like a creative and unique festive period, so have some fun this Christmas and be as vintage as your time and effort will allow.

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