Three Top Tips for Keeping Kids Active and Getting Them Outside over the Festive Period

We all know that staying in shape and sticking to our diet plans is an uphill battle during the Christmas period. The lure of sugar is everywhere: in the gleaming wrappers of chocolate coins, the bright purple cardboard of selection boxes, and the reduced price advent calendars that just beg us to buy them. Nor is exercising any easier: the weather is foul, the rain slants sideways, and the wind lashes your face and stings your eyes.

Keeping your kids active and moving isn’t any easier. They whine about the cold stinging their fingers and the rain seeping down the back of their necks. Most of them would much prefer to be curled up in front of the television than racing around outside. This means that you have to find ways of increasing the appeal of the great outdoors. If you’re in need of some inspiration, then here are three top tips to help you…

#1: Invest in Some Heelys

Every tween loves to stay abreast of the latest trends, and for those aged six to twelve, Heelys are the hot new kid on the block. Available from a myriad of stores, these fashion-forward trainers have an in-built set of wheels, helping them to double as roller blades when those steep hills are calling. They’re the perfect way to keep the kids moving this winter, with smooth streets and slopes providing the perfect playground for some 90s-esque fun.

#2: Go on Winter Walks

As much as you might prefer to stay indoors yourself, it helps to get out and about as a family. Britain has a plethora of parks and woodland areas to explore, and winter is a great time to venture outside and see them. If you really want to enliven things, then try creating a quick list of animals and objects to spot, with the first person to tick all of the boxes winning a little present to kick off the Christmas period. Native woodland creatures, birds, and plants are all perfect for including in your collection of things to see.

#3: Visit a Christmas Wonderland

Thirdly and finally, why not try visiting a few of your local winter wonderlands. A lot of English Heritage properties and privately owned estates host a number of events over the festive period, with venues like Stockeld Park offering a great range of activities to participate in. Guaranteed to keep kids active, they’re a wonderful way to enter into the Christmas spirit without having to rely on a cosy interior and mountains of chocolate.

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