Interiors: Kitchen Remodelling

There always comes a time when you start thinking about what next needs improving in your home. Either your family has grown and suddenly your living space seems smaller or you are simply in need of an update.  Kitchen remodelling can seem like a pretty daunting project but as it is the hub of your family’s home, it can also have one of the biggest impacts. Not only is a kitchen used to prepare meals each evening, it may also be used as a space to entertain guests, a reason as to why kitchen renovation projects are some of the most popular home improvements to undertake.

The added bonus to doing any home renovations is that if you do come around to selling your house, it adds value too, which makes it seem even more worth it. The kitchen is often one of the first rooms a buyer looks at before considering the sale. Evander has created a series of handy little infographics to show the different renovation projects and how much each one can add value to your home. Kitchen remodelling is an expensive project if you are starting from scratch, averaging around £9,600 but can add up to 10% on your home.

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