Grow their minds in Summer

We viewed a flat recently that had this AMAZING garden, despite it being a first floor flat. 35x35foot, a summer house, shed and lots of little vegetable plots already in it, and loads of options for kids play equipment, a paddling pool and even a hammock (a dream of mine!) It’s not likely we’ll manage to get a mortgage in principal sorted and put an offer in before someone else snaps it up but i’ll be dreaming about the potential to make that garden into something truly spectacular for the children for years to come I think!

I think outdoor play is vital for little people, to help them to understand the world around them and where things come from. How amazing would it be to serve a meal up that had been grown in our own back garden? In case you DO have a lovely garden for your little people (if indeed you have little people!) then take a look at this infographic from Premier Polytunnels with lots of ideas for outside summer fun!



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