New to the UK: Chicco Nappies


Although I am a lover of cloth nappies there are times when disposables are much easier, like long car journeys, days when my mum has Athena and Arlo is in disposables overnight still too. Chicco asked if we were interested in putting their brand new to the UK nappies to the test on both babies bottoms and I agreed! We’ve not settled on a favourite disposable nappy brand, and tend to get whatever is on offer although I tend to steer clear from supermarket own brands as found they can have a funny odour once full. So with Arlo in size 2 and Athena in size 5 we’ve been using them when not in cloth nappies for the last fortnight.

The nappies are slim fitting and come in handy carry packs. Size 1 nappies are £4.49 and sizes 2-5 retail at £7.99. They will be available exclusively at 1200 Boots stores (and to everyone via click and collect) and will be available on a ‘buy one get one free’ from June 24th! Chicco are already a household baby name, but this is the first time their nappies will be available in the UK, and they’re already the #1 best seller in Italy, their home country!

The DryFit 2-in1 solution means that the liquid is absorbed easily for maximum dryness and a comfortable fit too. I can confirm that neither Arlo or Athena had any leaks at all with Athena wearing her nappy for up to 13 hours overnight! I was impressed that there wasn’t the usual funny odour either, considering the amount of liquid the nappy was holding! Arlo is only ever in a nappy for 6 hours maximum overnight (oh if only he slept for 13 hours like his sister!) and he had no leaks too, although the nappy felt really full. He only had one ‘magical’ poop explosion (after a 5 days wait!) in a Chicco nappy and I was amazed that it did the job and held the extreme amount of poop that arrived with a bang! This is helped by the fact that he is now at the top end weight wise for the size 2’s, so they fit nice and snuggly around the legs and at the back. Experience has proven than looser nappies, like when we just go into the next size up means that things aren’t contained as well. Neither bum suffered from nappy rash or any other irritation either, and Athena who is about as active as a toddler can get didn’t have any mishaps with fit/bunching/slipping etc!

Overall I’m really pleased with how the Chicco 2-in-1 DryFits performed, with my only niggle being that sometimes when I pull the sticky tabs back that sometimes some of the nappy bit it was attached to comes with it, although I’ve never not been able to use the sticky tab, and often re position them with no problem too. The packaging is a bit twee too but hey, you don’t buy disposable nappies to look at do you!


We were sent two packs of nappies for each child to put through their paces for the purposes of this unbiased review.


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  1. Ella
    16th June 2015 / 12:25 am

    I’ll definitely check these out, i’m not as brave as you with the cloth nappy thing but need to bulk buy for me and for my sisters new baby arriving soon too! BOGOF is always a good thing too!

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