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This bundle of children’s clothes is from a new-to-me online store called Lamaloli, who sell branded clothes like Disney, Hello Kitty and Marvel. The range is mostly for kids but there a few items for adults too! Now I normally avoid buying branded clothes for Athena purely because they are normally twice the price of their non-branded counterparts, but everything above came to fifty pounds, is brilliant quality as it’s manufactured by the brands, the clothes don’t just have a character printed onto any old garment.

I was sceptical when Lamaloli got in touch, because I once I looked at the prices I assumed that the clothes would be seconds or of bad quality, but actually once my order arrived (ordered Sunday night, arrived Tuesday morning which was impressive!) and I unwrapped everything I was surprised!

I ordered four baby grows for the new baby, a couple of Smurf vests, a Winnie the Pooh,  and a Looney Tunes one. They’re all generous in size and made from a super-soft cotton with plenty of stretch in the material too. I’m excited to put the little one in them!


I also ordered a couple of Night dresses for Athena in preparation for the potty training which will start at some point this year, along with a pair of Mickey PJ’s (that hopefully her little brother can wear in a couple of years too!) As you can see above Athena has christened her new nightie with milk, but I can confirm than now it’s been through a few washes that it’s still looking good as new, and the printed Minnie hasn’t faded or cracked at all!

I also couldn’t resist getting a Disney ‘Cars’ snuggly hooded towel for the new arrival, Athena has a tiger one of her own and I wanted them to have one each, it’s really making me look forward to after bath sofa snuggles with two little ones wrapped in soft snuggly towels! At £7.95 it’s less than half the price of most of the ones I’ve seen, and is much bigger too so will last him a good few years!

Using the Lamololi website is easy enough, you can choose what to search for by type/gender (don’t forget most ‘boy’ clothes would be suitable for girls though) and then refine by size, and then even drill down to the brand/character should your little one have a specific favourite! The only thing missing is a ‘filter by price’ type function, which I always like to use to see if there are any really cheap bargains that I may have missed! As well as the children’s clothes there are a few ‘home’ categories (tableware, duvet sets etc) and plenty of shoes, bags and hats to browse through too!

There’s a 70% off section too, with some real bargains to be had although these are only in limited sizes, hence me getting a night dress for Athena for the next size up because it was too good a price to pass up! Payment is easy, and includes paypal as an option (always a plus for me) and as I mentioned the delivery was super speedy, and you get free shipping on orders over £20.

Check out the Lamalol website here  and like them on facebook here to keep up to date with offers and news.

I was provided with credit to spend on the website, all opinions and words are my own.



  1. 19th February 2015 / 11:16 pm

    Lamaloli is such a bargain! You got some great bits and I love how Athena is there in her nightie and wellies! She rocks 🙂 x

  2. 20th February 2015 / 2:27 am

    Oh dear…..I can see some shopping is about to happen….thanks for that! 😉 xx

  3. Claire J
    22nd February 2015 / 11:18 pm

    My niece absolutely loves Minnie mouse, definitely going to bookmark the site for her birthday in a few months!

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