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Who doesn’t take their bra off the moment they walk in through the front door after a long day at work? I do it even after a quick trip to the supermarket, if I’m really honest. I have two major bra niggles. The first one is underwire, it’s either too wide, or too pokey (or both) and the other is bra straps slipping off my shoulders. Now the latter I know is easily fixed, I need to adjust the straps after each wash so they’re the right length, i’m just a lazy launderer. The first one is a lot trickier, and I have been known to use my craft knife to make a slit in my bras so that I can yank the underwire out. This is a short-term solution but then of course means the ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ doesn’t actually do a brilliant job of supporting my boulders any longer.

Here’s where Triumph come in, they have developed a bra that has ‘Magic Wire’ in it. In fact it has no actual wire in it at all, instead all the support comes from two silicone ‘wires’ that give you all the lift that regular wire does, with none of the discomfort or need to keep re-adjusting your bosoms throughout the day! And one things for sure, the Magic Wire certainly isn’t going to escape out of your bra mid cycle and ruin your washing machine! I am also pretty excited about the non-wire wire, as it will be gentler on my changing boobs during pregnancy, as proper underwire is a no-no when pregnant or breastfeeding!

Triumph are asking women to use #NiggleFix to ask for advice (or give answers) about their every day niggles, not just bra related! My main annoyance is that my tights always need ‘re-arranging’ in that area… so much so that I think I might even buy a pair of maternity trousers! Another niggle is that whenever I wear a scarf my hair gets all knotted at the nape of my neck and I might as well have dreadlocks! Any quick fixes for these issues out there?

Check out the Niggle Fix website as well as joining in with the hash tag, and to find your nearest stockist click here!

This is a partnered post, all words and opinions my own.

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