Fisher Price feeding time!

We’re already fans of Fisher Price toys and nursery items (Jumperoo, our bouncy chair, stacking rings etc…) so I was interested to see how a company who’s been on the kiddy scene for years (I had a FP cassette player amongst other toys when I was a wee one) did with weaning items. The new range from Fisher Price launches today in Boots (full range here!) and we were sent some of the range to put it through its paces.

The ‘Heat Sensitive’ bowls come in a pack of three and change colour when the food inside is too hot for a baby to safely consume. You can see where the bowl changes from orange to yellow above when I microwaved it with water in. This is really useful for me because our microwave has a dial so it’s tricky to tell how long things have been in for! The bowls also have rubber grips and stack for easy storage.
The cute veggie shaped ‘Soft Grip’ spoons are completely soft and don’t taper down to a long handle (easily shoved in Athena’s mouth causing alarm!) So are brilliant for BLW and loaded spoons. So far they’ve not discoloured in the dishwasher either which is a plus! The sweetcorn one is now used more as a teether than a spoon however, she took a huge liking to it and it now lives in the toy box… funny baby. I’ve started to hold the bowl with food in in front of her, and give have a spoon in each hand to attempt to scoop out her food and feed herself, as the next step up from doing loaded spoons, as we seem to be going through a ‘throw it all on the floor’ phase so putting the bowl on the highchair without holding on isn’t such a good idea, but she does seem to be getting the hang of it.
Now the 3 flow sippy cup I am really impressed with. The rubber spout has three interchangeable bits, with varying flows so that you don’t need to change it for a different beaker at each stage. Swapping them over is easy as they’re all on the same fitting so you don’t have to keep aside and possibly lose. Another handy thing is the flip over lid, it remains attached but doesn’t flip down and bop her on the nose when she’s drinking from it. Also the spout hasn’t discoloured either AND no leaking/spills.

Everything is now being used daily, and although I always try and find an improvement for things that I review, I actually can’t with these items! Even the packaging was easy to open, with a pull up tab for the clear blister packing, so no need to battle with scissors. Also I like that the colour range isn’t obviously gender specific (ie pinks and blues). Well done Fisher Price, you’ve impressed me and we’ll be buying another sippy cup so I don’t have to wash this one so often!
Items sent to me for review purposes but all opinions and words are my own, of course.

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  1. 24th March 2014 / 6:22 pm

    I didn’t know Fisher Price did feeding things! The cups look fab! x

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