Not glowing in the slightest



You’d think being pregnant I would be “glowing” and that my hair and nails would be stronger and more ‘luscious’ however so far I have experienced the opposite, my hair has got more flyaway and dry and more is falling out when I am washing/brushing. I bet Kate Middleton’s hair isn’t falling out… and lets not mention the pregnancy related eczema and daily nose bleeds for fear of putting anyone else off motherhood. Anyway, I am currently trying to get my hair in better condition, which started off by chopping off all the blonde/ombred ends and by vowing a) not to re dye it for at least three months, longer if possible and b) to actually take care of it (aka no going to sleep with wet uncombed hair, and actually styling it as opposed to letting it do its own unruly and messy thing)

I figure once the kid comes I will be too busy looking after it to look after myself, so I have more of a fighting chance if i’ve managed to get into the habit of looking after my hair than if I haven’t!

I came across the below video from Remington about their Keratin Therapy Collection, and have added the hair dryer to my Christmas list (as the one I currently use (when I bother!)) I stole from my mum when I was 16 (that’s 12 years, and the thing weighs a ton!) Anyway, it looks promising, and although I rarely straighten my hair, if you are an avid straightening fan, then they look like they’d do a good job on unruly hair!


I’ll be back over the weekend hopefully with another weddingy post (read the first one here!)

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  1. sophiewearing
    7th December 2012 / 6:32 pm

    Dohhh!stupid children!Weirdly people keep saying how shiny my hair is!Whats my secret?!Ur certainly isn’t fish!xx

  2. 8th December 2012 / 3:37 pm

    OMG! First off congrats on the wee one!! YAY! I love babies, and I’m over the moon happy for you 😀 I have a feeling you & your husband will make excellent parents!

    I found the during my 2 prgnancies that my hair got way thicker, and so did my nails lol. But then after my kids were born it fell out in clumps, and when it grew back in clumps sticking up everywhere, which sucked! I my personal opinion pregnancy is not that fun, but babies are! 🙂

    Good luck!! <3

  3. Rachael Cocking
    16th December 2012 / 4:08 pm

    Cheer up pretty one! <3 x

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